Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I have always been proud of the role and the behavior of the NDP in the House of Commons. Sure, we have had the odd louder-than-appropriate voice in our corner of the House, and the odd unparliamentary incident, usually driven by rage at some form of government inaction. But my memory of my life in the NDP corner will primarily be one of trying to raise important issues while the Liberals and Conservatives, aided by the fatal attraction of the media, preferred to spend their parliamentary time debating who among them was the least corrupt." - Bill Blaikie, in the Globe and Mail today
Spotted by Dipper Chick - I skimmed the Globe this morning and would have missed it, Thanks Erin!

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noamzs said...

Some nice words from a respectable politician (truly rare breed). However, I am dismayed with comments made today by NDP leader Jack Layton about Canadian culture and the CRTC. Seems to me he's willing to turn a blind eye to, or even condone the censorship that is going on in this country.

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