Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oliver North involved in a cover up

Hard to believe right?

The first story from the Pentagon was that the airstrike in the mountains of Afghanistan on the night of August 21 had been a complete success and only militants had been killed. The Afghanistan government complained it had actually massacred 80 civilians most of them children. The Military 'investigated' and claimed their initial conclusion was correct: nothing but Taliban.

And then the photos of dozens of dead children started appearing.
Now the Pentagon has dispatched a General to investigate their original investigation.
But the story has taken a new turn - it appears the original investigation relied on the corroboration of an embedded journalist when it concluded that the airstrike had, after all, only hit militants. That journalist has now been revealed to have been former Iran/Contra conspirator and FOX correspondent Colonel Oliver North.
Republican criminals never die, they just commit more crimes.

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